Blogging on MY iPhone!

Last Friday I received my iPhone 4. I have to say I’m impressed with the speed of the thing, much more responsive than my old first generation iPod touch.

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Acquiring an iPhone 4

Last Saturday I called Tesco to try and order a 16GB iPhone 4 but they were out of stock :(

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Another disk upgrade to beleg-ia

I’ve just ordered three Western Digital 2TB drives, my plan is to use ZFS’s RAID-Z to glue them together, I figure I’ll get around 4TB worth of space doing this. Currently I have mirrored storage which is good, but I’m effectively wasting 1TB of my current 2TB.

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Blogging on an iPad

I’m currently in the Cardiff Apple store playing on an iPad and I’ve got to say it’s pretty good!

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Goodbye OpenSolaris

Well, it looks like Oracle has pulled OpenSolaris. Hopefully the Illumos project will continue and make some sort of replacement for the loss.

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New job!

After a while of searching, I’ve finally found a job!

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New gallery script and new home for it.

After a hectic week I have finally finished the translations. The script now lives here.

Let's sandbox the lot!

Yesterday, two stories emerged which caught my attention, the first was saying how Dell has created a version of Firefox that runs in a sandbox, the second said how Adobe are going to sandbox Reader.

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A new home

I’ve moved the blog again!

I got fed up with it being under, I decided to move it to it’s own subdomain. The reason it was bugging me was that it was mixed in with all of my other files. I needed to make scripts test to make sure it didn’t touch the blog files, and that was a nuisance (simple, but a nuisance).

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Can Apple see a time when they no longer produce the Mac?

Ars Technica published this article the other day which says how Apple are not awarding Mac applications the Apple Design Award this year and are instead focusing on the iPhone and the iPad.

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