Exciting times for social networking

The social networking world is rather turbulent at the moment, with Google barging in to rival Facebook.

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iPhone Safari - Search for text on page

Have you ever used your iPhone to search Google for something, then find that the best link is a huge page? On the desktop you’d hit cmd+f to search on the page, but in the iPhone this luxury isn’t immediately obvious.

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Last summer I decided I would learn Perl. I had put it off for a long time, but after trying and failing at learning Python, I decided to give Perl a go.

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Record Shops

I found myself in the local record shop recently, Faye’s brother wanted to browse. I was loitering around, glancing at the shelves and having a flick here and there. And I just thought to myself, I don’t enjoy being here at all.

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I Am Clean

A few friends and I have started a project called I Am Clean, it starts this evening at 22:35 and will build up over the coming weeks.

Mac App Store

I love the Mac App Store. Opening back in January, all Mac users running OS X 10.6.6 or higher have had the chance to play with the store.

I’ve bought a fair amount from the Store, including:

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The Future's Bright...But it's no longer orange...

Ubuntu isn’t as orangey-brown as it used to be. I don’t recall exactly when I last tried to use it, but I didn’t like it much. Yesterday, however, I got it playing ball with my ThinkPad X32.

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The Computer

We live in an age where computers are all around us. While they may not yet be embedded into every object we come in contact with, they are on our desks at home or in the office, and in our pockets and bags when we’re out and about. But one thing worries me, few of these people understand how to use these powerful machines, or leverage them to even half their potential.

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iPad 2 - What's the iPhone 5 going to bring?

The iPad 2 has been announced, set to ship to UK customers on the 25th March. It boasts a number of improvements over the first iPad, faster, slimmer, same great battery life, but can we use this new offering to guess what might be inside the next iPhone?

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Android to lose MP3 capabilities?

Google has chopped the H.264 codec out of it’s Chrome browser and replaced it with it’s own, open source, WebM codec - All in the name of openness…

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