Exciting times for social networking

The social networking world is rather turbulent at the moment, with Google barging in to rival Facebook. Until recently, Facebook went¬†unrivalled. From humble beginnings as a networking tool for uni students, it is now to the social networking world as the iPod is to the MP3 player. Facebook has always had some use, it is not merely for posting on a friends profile, but for organisation. You can organise events, be reminded of a friends birthday, categorise and tag friends in photos and videos and notes. Read On →

Download your Facebook profile

Now I have a Google+ account (more on that later) I want to start moving my life from Facebook to the new shiny thing. Thankfully, Facebook make it somewhat easier than one would expect. If you navigate to Account > Account Settings then click on the “learn more” link next to “Download your information”, you’ll be able to request for Facebook to zip up all your data (well, most of it) and make it available for you as a download (I had to wait ~5 hours for my 66mb of data to be made available). Read On →

iPhone Safari - Search for text on page

Have you ever used your iPhone to search Google for something, then find that the best link is a huge page? On the desktop you’d hit cmd+f to search on the page, but in the iPhone this luxury isn’t immediately obvious. It is, in fact, really easy. Go to the page you want to search on, then click on the search box in the top right. Type in your query and wait for the text “On This Page” to appear: Read On →


Last summer I decided I would learn Perl. I had put it off for a long time, but after trying and failing at learning Python, I decided to give Perl a go. Managing the perl installations has been tedious. I tend to use a lot of the features in v5.10, but MacPorts keeps installing older and newer versions and making the perl command point to v5.08 for some reason. But today I found App::perlbrew. Read On →

Record Shops

I found myself in the local record shop recently, Faye’s brother wanted to browse. I was loitering around, glancing at the shelves and having a flick here and there. And I just thought to myself, I don’t enjoy being here at all. The other week when I opened iTunes, it took me straight to the store, I’m not sure why it did that, but on the front page I caught a glimpse of Hugh Laurie’s new album. Read On →

I Am Clean

A few friends and I have started a project called I Am Clean, it starts this evening at 22:35 and will build up over the coming weeks.

Microsoft Fail

The other week I was looking at how Windows generates the old 8.3 style names from a long name. I came across this article on the Microsoft site, and noted the banner at the top: On the one hand, I like how they’ve picked up that I’m not using a specific version of Windows. On the other hand I can still see the whole document where none of it is relevant, so they haven’t disabled anything…

Mac App Store

I love the Mac App Store. Opening back in January, all Mac users running OS X 10.6.6 or higher have had the chance to play with the store. I’ve bought a fair amount from the Store, including: Aperture Pixelmator MarsEdit XCode Broken Sword The two Broken Sword games were an excellent find, I recall playing these two games around ten years ago and it’s been great replaying these games, virtually unchanged. Read On →

The Future's Bright...But it's no longer orange...

Ubuntu isn’t as orangey-brown as it used to be. I don’t recall exactly when I last tried to use it, but I didn’t like it much. Yesterday, however, I got it playing ball with my ThinkPad X32. Just over two years ago¬†I bought myself the ThinkPad X32. I initially installed OpenSolaris 2008.11 on it, and it got upgraded to the latest dev builds, which turned into 2009.06 stable builds. However, when I got it out on Monday, it failed to upgrade to OpenIndiana and was running horribly slow. Read On →

Liveo - Live & Unsigned

The band my brother is in has succeeded in grabbing one of the 22 places in the regional finals in Plymouth taking place 19th March. Follow them on Twitter, order your ticket at the Live & Unsigned site, and watch and like their video on YouTube. Please support them as much as you can.