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Has the transition to Intel gone "seamlessly"?

At WWDC 2006, Steve Jobs said the following about porting OS X to the Intel architecture > “Porting an operating system to an entirely different processor architecture is no easy task and our software team did a magnificent job of taking this on the PowerPC and turning it into this on Intel architecture. So they made it look really easy and it’s gone seamlessly which has enabled this amazing transition to occur in 210 days, but under the hood and you all know, this was 86,000,000 lines of source code that was ported to run on an entirely different architecture with zero hiccups. Read On →

WWDC 2012

Late as always, Apple’s 23rd WWDC kicked off almost a month ago after selling out in just 1h43m! This years event kicked off with Siri warming up the crown and GarageBand on an iPad playing a sting after each joke. Apple touted some interesting facts about the App Store 400+ million accounts 650,000+ apps 225,000+ iPad specific apps 30+ billion app downloads $5+ billion handed out to developers We were then launched into the Mac half of the event…  MacBook Air Read On →

Receive iMessages on multiple devices

If you have an iPhone and an iPad or a Mac running you may have noticed that messages don’t seem to appear across devices, or that you have multiple conversations for someone. Think of email, you have one email address (e.g. and if someone emails that address, you can receive the email on multiple devices (e.g. iPhone, iPad, and Mac) so long as you’ve registered that email address with the device. Read On →

Adding Emoji (smilies) to the iPhone

Adding colourful emoticons (or smilies) to texts, emails, and messages can help to liven things up a bit. Unfortunately the Emoji keyboard isn’t accessible by default, but this post will show you how to enable it! Open Settings Tap General Scroll down to Keyboard Inside Keyboard you will find the International Keyboards menu, where you can add more keyboards Tap Add New Keyboard Scroll down and tap on Emoji (the list is alphabetical) Close Settings and open Notes Create a new note Tap the ‘world’ key, between the 123 key and the space bar Enjoy the plethora of emoticons! Read On →


Back in 2010 I complete my dissertation. The idea for my diss came to me while sitting in Starbucks in Camberley sometime during my time at Sun Microsystems, probably early 2009. The idea was quickly jotted on the back of a Starbucks serviette. Applications crash and can take down a system, if we could virtualise the application and separate it from the system then it couldn’t bring it down. This was the subject of my diss and I mostly implemented it using OpenSolaris Zones. Read On →

Just an update

Once upon a time I had the notion that I would post something vaguely interesting or helpful once a month. While working at Sun that was easy (also making myself blog about my weekly activities for later reference helped), even my final year of uni I pretty much managed it, but I now look back over the last few months and see that I’ve not posted anything really since early December, and before that sometime in October. Read On →

Merry Christmas

Just a quick post to wish you all a very Merry Christmas

WebOS 'more open' than Android?

Saturday, 10 Dec 2011 23:52:18 · 1 minute read · Comments
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Ars Technica recently published HP’s decision means webOS could end up more open than Android. The fate of WebOS has had people pondering since HP announced it was going to stop developing WebOS. It has been suggested that HP should open source WebOS rather than just killing it. It turns out that that is exactly what they are going to do. Now this raises an interesting question, could WebOS be more open than Android? Read On →

Do I really agree with Apple's EULAs?

Sunday, 30 Oct 2011 15:38:27 · 1 minute read · Comments · Apple / Musings
After the death of Steve Jobs Richard Stallman has said some somewhat callous things about Jobs and Apple and how they have us in “digital handcuffs”. When we purchase a piece of Apple hardware or software, we must accept a EULA before we use it. It’s pretty standard in the proprietary world to put measures in place to restrict a user’s use of the product. I am pretty confident that hundreds of users click “accept” every day without reading such a license , let alone understanding it. Read On →