MacBook Air Vs. Eee PC Vs. OQO

The MacBook Air has had much said about it. Jobs claimed it was the thinnest notebook ever, the most portable Mac ever, the Apple site declares that it is ‘thinovation’. But is it really so great? I heard about OQO computers today in a lecture, and there has been talk about the ASUS Eee PC, so I went to look at these computers and compare them. Lets start with the OQO machine. Read On →

Coding week - Day 5: Crunch Time

Up at 8 am this morning and on the bus by 8:50. Got to an empty computer room to find only one of my team members there. I sat in wait until about 9:30, waiting for team members to appear, or even just other groups… At 9:30, I moved to the Sun Lounge when a couple of team mates came in. I spent this morning looking at files, formatting them, making sure they were commented right etc. Read On →

Coding week - Day 4

The morning started late with hardly anyone turning up on time. I spent the morning looking once again at some Postgres stuff, but gave up a little before noon. This afternoon I looked at creating an ANT file. ANT is like a UNIX make file, except it uses XML with some basic commands. Once I had gotten to terms with what things did, it was really quite easy. I made a file that you could issue commands to from the command line to arrange the source files, clean the build directory, clean the source directory, compile all the source code or just the client or the server code. Read On →

Coding week - Day 3

The day started by running around the Old College looking for the workstation room, after finally finding it, I settled down to work on looking around for Java with Postgres, as this was the database we are working with…Looking around the web wasn’t much help,nothing was going to be easy, especially as I’m not great with SQL. I came home for lunch and got back to the workroom for about 3pm, I spent the afternoon looking at trying to get Postgres onto my Mac. Read On →

Coding week - Day 2

Ugh, off to another late start, rolled out of bed at 8:10am again…Just about to have some breakfast…Today’s blog may be more of a continually updated commentary of what’s going on…But who knows, eh? 08:41am - Already we have had a suggestion by a fellow team member that all the XML files should be translated into SQL and then form a database…This undermines everything we worked towards yesterday, but as long as it gets done we’ll get the marks I suppose… Read On →

Coding week - Day 1

Today started off with rolling out of bed at 8:10am, out the house for 8:50, I had left it a tad late to make it up the hill in time, though my phone helped, playing a crap, compressed version of 99 Luftballons. I got into the computer room to find some of the group huddled around our computers. Me a Steve got stuck in with looking at how to parse XML using Java and query it using XPath. Read On →

Incremental volume

A good friend of mine, Aled Hughes, spoke to me today on MSN and was talking to me about a feature he found on Leopard. If you press shift+option+volume (option being ‘alt’), then you can increment/decrement the volume by a quarter of a volume block: Another of those little features Apple like to hide :D

OS Woes

Since my last post I eventually got around to trying to install Debian and Fedora onto my spare box…But it would appear that neither would run on it…I spent today jiggling my main box around to fit not only Windows and Solaris, but also Debian and Fedora…Alas, Debian still won’t run (doesn’t install GRUB so can’t boot to it). Fedora would go, but Solaris was stubborn. Just about to reinstall Solaris now to see if I can rectify the problem…Ahhh, the wonders of technology…

I need a floppy disk!?

OK, exams finished on Thursday…I let myself recoup on Friday and today I decided have a play with my spare tower…Up until recently I have had OpenSuse 10.2 on there running GNOME (the CPU is an old AMD Athlon and it has an ancient GPU and goodness knows how much RAM). Anyway, I decided to look around and decided on reinstalling the tower with Fedora 8 and Debian 4. Fedora asked for a single DVD to install the OS, which was great, I’ve got two DVDs left in my supply and about five CD’s. Read On →

MacWorld Expo

Held between the 14th and the 18th of January, Apple today released two new exciting products and two enhancements to two of their already awesome product range. The first enhancement was a major software upgrade to the iPod touch. Some of the software includes: Mail, Maps, Stocks, Weather and Notes, as well as a couple of other upgrades! UK users can get the update through iTunes for £12.99 The next enhancement was another software update to the iPhone. Read On →