A new design

I have redesigned my webshite, mostly because I got bored and didn’t like the old design… You can still find it at: users.aber.a.uk/bil6 It has been tested using a number of browsers; each work OK, Opera and Safari for iPhone both have slight issues with the CSS…

Sun - Week Nine

So, two months on and we have moved from knowing nothing, to knowing a bit more about what we’re doing. Monday started with panic, one of our SunRay servers had been upgraded, and now things didn’t work…Though we think it was an ITOPs issue, as we didn’t fix it…The server is question has been upgraded to a later version of Navada. The afternoon was littered with tickets and went very quickly. Read On →

Sun - Week Eight

Now this week started off brilliantly, I mean who can argue with your boss telling you ‘it’s OK, take Monday off, and we’ll pay you!’ Of course, it was bank holiday Monday :wink: Anyhoo, Tuesday started off with me clearing up some details in NIS+, some servers had gone but not been taken out and some things needed to be moved from one subnet to another. I still have a niggling problem with one v240, it’s SP still doesn’t respond to pings. Read On →

Sun - Week Seven

More training this week. We started the week looking at how Solaris interfaces with the network, then went on to look at some networking basics related to Solaris. On Tuesday we looked at what Swap was and why and how we should use it and also the pros and cons of using it. We looked at managing crash and core dump files too. We spent the afternoon looking at NFS and AutoFS, these go hand in hand to make an NFS server and allows users to automatically mount file systems on their client machines. Read On →

Sun - Week six

So, as you know from my other posts, I have been off to London and Aberystwyth this past week, so was only in work for Friday. We had a busy day, I picked up a number of tickets, one was to set up three customer machines, which took longer than anticipated. Robin had set up an area for customer machine which is great, I set up the three machines and hooked them up. Read On →

Sun - Week Five

So I have been working at sun for over a month now, and I’m still having a great time. I’ve decided I need to get “Networking for Dummies” to learn more about networking. I’ve been really bad, I’m writing this in retrospect, and went to London the weekend after this week of work, so can’t directly remember what I got up to… I remember I was doing some swapping of disks out of a disk array, and I almost brought the whole network down :D Well, possibly just part of it. Read On →

Sun - Week Four

Monday When I got into the office today, James had stolen Michael’s nice big monitor, and swapped it for a small 17"one. So, after claiming Michael’s desk, I set about looking for two CRT monitors that worked, both are about 20", but do consume a lot of desk room. I had to set up two SunRay clients too, one to be a master and control one screen as well as the keyboard and mouse, and another to be the slave, controlling the second screen. Read On →

etc -> private/etc

After delving into Solaris10 a couple of weeks ago, I thought I would explore the hidden regions of my Mac…It turns out that it has many of the same things as a typical UNIX/Linux system, but doesn’t seem to use them :? For example, /etc, is not there! Its a symlink to /private/etc, which is most weird, and even weirder still, I had a look into fstab, but it’s not there! Read On →

Off to the tip, I did go...

Last Saturday, after cleaning the house, I decided to pack up almost two weeks worth of recycling, put it into my camping rucksack, and take it off down to the local recycling centre/tip; here’s a picture of me:

Silly old bear

It’s been really hot here the last couple of days, and it has finally decided to rain! Hopefully we’ll see a slight drop in the humidity… Anyhoo, it’s not pouring, per say, but I was reminded of our dear old friends Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin from the Hundred Acres Wood…."Tut tut, it looks like rain" The rain, rain, rain came down, down, down In rushing, rising riv’lets, ’til the river crept out of it’s bed And crept right into Piglet’s! Read On →