Sun - Week Seventeen & week with Faye

I only spent one and a half days in work this week! Monday was spent doing some work, while Tuesday morning was spent tying up loose ends and passing other people ongoing work. I then travelled up to Aberystwyth. I was delayed in getting to Wolverhampton by 20 minutes, so missed the train to Aber. A two hour wait sitting by a vending machine so I could charge my phone and I was back on the train, arriving in Aber for about 11:40pm. Read On →

OpenSolaris & CS101

On Thursday 30th October, I attended the CS101 lecture in Aber uni. I was there to give a brief talk about OpenSolaris, focusing on aspects like Zones, DTrace and ZFS. I think it went OK, possibly pitched it a tad too high, and I missed out tonnes of stuff I wanted to put in, like the copy on write feature of ZFS… If anyone attended that lecture and is reading this, please feel free email me any questions you might have about OpenSolaris. Read On →

Sun - Week Sixteen

OK, writing this from the future, I can’t remember the details of this week… The main focus for this week was playing with a blade chassis, and a load of blade servers. I was playing with a mix of X64 and SPARC systems, I was amazed that you could mix the two in an enclosed unit. I’m still unsure why you would choose a blade over a 1U unit… I had a hard time because I needed to liaison with several owners of blades in the chassis to get them moved to other chassis. Read On →

Sun - Week Fifteen

Week Fifteen, subtitled: The small things Monday morning started with the subtitle. I saw a pigeon fall from the sky, frantically flapping it’s wings causing some leaves to scatter, it made me smile. This week I shall try to look for the small things that make me smile, and report them here with the rest of my news. The morning brought a job which I have already had too much experience with, unpacking boxes which hold products…Leekes brought me much experience in how to open a card board box, and take out products, it’s a boring task, but this morning the mundanity was lifted with the fact these were new products, and there I have to stop and tell you no more :P My lunch break ended with me setting up another monitor…. Read On →

Sun - Week Fourteen

Monday starts off with me looking into this jumpstart image. It turns out to be really easy! All I needed to do was to find the Solaris 10 Update 4 image, this had a file called setup_install_server (or similar), I just used this executable file to install the image to another directory. After this it was a case of using the patchadd command: patchadd -C And this installed that patch onto the image for installation at install time! Read On →

Sun - Week Thirteen

Unlucky for some, will it be for me? As you possibly guess, I write parts of entries throughout the week and publish on Fridays, so at the time of writing, I have no idea if it’s going to be a good or bad week, it’s 11:50, Monday morning :P So Monday starts off with me cycling in, sitting down to breakfast then being interrupted because a fibre cable won’t come out of it’s socket. Read On →

Sun - Week Twelve

Monday started slowly. I cycled in and not much happened in the morning. By the afternoon I had inherited a couple of tickets which I started work on after lunch. Immediately after lunch we had the weekly staff meeting, then I got cracking on some tickets…One system wasn’t turned on, so I turned it on (very taxing) and I started to look at Liam’s ticket about remaining SAN switched. Tuesday was really busy. Read On →

Sun - Week Eleven

After a wonderful weekend with Faye, Monday started off with getting up early for a call with the APAC guys (Singapore and Australia), we were talking about new development life cycles - something that bores me at the best of times, and today was no exception. We do need to re-evaluate the way we fix bugs and release new versions of our lab tools though. The rest of Monday was fairly quiet, with a second meeting in the afternoon. Read On →


I’m just updating packages on my OpenSolaris installation, and I glanced at the screen only to find a package called “SUNWlibsexy” sitting bang in the middle of the update screen. After a quick Google, I found this: Name: SUNWlibsexy License: Other Group: System/Libraries Version: 0.1.11 Summary: libsexy is a collection of GTK+ widgets that extend the functionality of such standard widget. From here: clicky Just one more thing in computer science which is…Interesting…

Sun - Week Ten

So this week I’ve been on my 15k/25k maintenance course. It’s was very boring. It was basically the serengeti training all over again. It’s basically a big box with up to 18 systems boards in. Each system board has up to 4 CPU’s and 32 sticks of RAM. These system boards can be joined together to create ‘domains’, these domains can run instances of Solaris, so you effectively get one system spread over several boards…You can even add and remove system boards while a domain is running! Read On →