Sun - Week Five

So I have been working at sun for over a month now, and I’m still having a great time. I’ve decided I need to get “Networking for Dummies” to learn more about networking.

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Sun - Week Four


When I got into the office today, James had stolen Michael’s nice big monitor, and swapped it for a small 17"one. So, after claiming Michael’s desk, I set about looking for two CRT monitors that worked, both are about 20", but do consume a lot of desk room. I had to set up two SunRay clients too, one to be a master and control one screen as well as the keyboard and mouse, and another to be the slave, controlling the second screen. I’ll try and get a picture tomorrow.

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etc -> private/etc

After delving into Solaris10 a couple of weeks ago, I thought I would explore the hidden regions of my Mac…It turns out that it has many of the same things as a typical UNIX/Linux system, but doesn’t seem to use them :?

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Off to the tip, I did go...

Last Saturday, after cleaning the house, I decided to pack up almost two weeks worth of recycling, put it into my camping rucksack, and take it off down to the local recycling centre/tip; here’s a picture of me:

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Silly old bear

It’s been really hot here the last couple of days, and it has finally decided to rain! Hopefully we’ll see a slight drop in the humidity…

Anyhoo, it’s not pouring, per say, but I was reminded of our dear old friends Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin from the Hundred Acres Wood…."Tut tut, it looks like rain"

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Sun - Week Three

This last week I have been on yet another training course! This week is was to look at the SunFire mid-range servers, a.k.a. The Serengeti range The serengetis are the 3800, 4800 and the 6800, with a couple or variations. We looked at how to administer them and service them basically.

Sun - Week Two

This last week I have been learning about Solaris administration (at an intermediate level ;) ). We first learnt about the directory structure, including things like /usr doesn’t stand for ‘user’ it’s ‘UNIX System Resources’ and how different root level folders were usually mounted via other partitions. We then looked into looking at disks and partitions/slices, followed by the UFS file system and how to mount/unmount partitions/slices. We looked into the Solaris OS too, about installation, package admin and patches, then moved onto OBP and GRUB. We also looked at administrating users and processes, finishing up with backing up systems and restoring them, it was the first time I had seen a data tape!

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Sun - Week One

After the weeks in Ireland and sitting around at home, I have finally arrived in Surrey and completed my first week at Sun Microsystems. It’s been a busy and hectic week, with lots of TOI’s (transfers of information), but I am happy with it, I have learnt a lot about the tools I’m going to use over the next year, and looked at some of the machines I’ll be using too. Here’s a quick summary of the week:

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Day One

We got up early and did last minute things then left at about 11:15. We travelled up to Holyhead. We found that the online booking form had got out times wrong! We were booked to leave from Dublin, and get to Holyhead…Not what we wanted. The ferry place switched the times for today and Friday for us and we had a three hour wait. Things weren’t going to plan, but this just spelled out: Adventure!

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Application icons...

Did you know that you can grab the icons for applications, and then save them as a GIF, a JPEG, PNG or even a PDF?

Go to the Applications folder and select the application you want, right (ctrl)click and press “Show package contents”

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