Sun - Week Thirty-one

Week off! Woo!!!

I started my time off on Saturday 31st January, I woke up at 5am, was out the house by 6:15am and waiting to catch the 7:02 train to Reading from Blackwater. Everything was good, I’d had a duck and hoisin wrap from Tesco.

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Sun - Week Thirty

Week thirty! Wow, doesn’t seem so long when you say it like that…It’s been seven months!

Monday started out quite slowly, we had out afternoon meeting in the morning to talk to one of our Australian friends, but he wasn’t able to make the meeting. Monday went slowly with not much going on.

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Sun - Week Twenty-nine

This week was very VERY busy!

Monday starts with me in the lab net booting a w1100z, this old box doesn’t output it’s BIOS over the serial cable, so a keyboard and screen was attached to allow me to net boot the thing. I spent the end of the morning and all afternoon finishing off the cable store. All the boxes of SCSI/SAS cables are all in their own box, and are all labelled! Only took three sessions in there!

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My new IBM Thinkpad X32 and wireless

Today I took delivery of the four year old IBM Thinkpad X32. With it’s 1.8GHz Pentium M, 1GB of RAM and it’s “massive” 40GB HDD ;) I thought it was an excellent machine to use as a portable OpenSolaris machine.I used the USB stick I had prepared last night to boot the live image and do the install, within the first hour James had messed with the driver file and stopped the machine from booting *sigh*. A reinstall later and I was up and running OpenSolaris 2008.11!

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Create an OpenSolaris 2008.11 LiveUSB

T’other day I won an IBM X32 on eBay (more on that tomorrow). I want to install OpenSolaris on the laptop, but it doesn’t have an optical drive…

I set about looking for a solution. Unfortunately, Googling around didn’t throw up anything to begin with :( So I thought I’d record my steps as a walkthrough.

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Sun - Week Twenty-eight

This week took forever to finish!

The week started off with a couple of light jobs. I replaced a fan in a V210 and racked up an engineers stable system (a V240).

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Sun - Week Twenty-seven

This week started with snow!

The whole week went with a bit of a blur. It started very slowly, but by Wednesday we were getting busier.

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Today I woke up to snow!

Every car in the street was covered, and were the streets, all in about a quarter of an inch of the stuff! At 7:45 this morning, it was still pretty unspoiled on the way to the bus, it was quite a sight!

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Static IP on OpenSolaris

Make sure you have various DNS domains in /etc/resolv.conf, then:

cp /etc/nsswitch.conf /etc/nsswitch.conf.BAK
cp /etc/nsswitch.dns /etc/nsswitch.conf
svcadm restart dns/client
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File system frenzy

On my server, I’ve been looking into having various ZFS file systems, this would allow me to better manage parts of the system later on.

I have so far set it all up as such:

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