Sun - Week Fifty-two

After a long and hectic weekend, Monday arrived. This Monday is special, because it is my last day working at Sun Microsystems :(

I woke up early and left the house at 7:30, walked to Tesco and bought some Krispy Kreme donuts :D I waited for the bus, hopping on at Blackwater station, I met Ali at Camberley as he jumped on the bus.

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Sun - Week Fifty-one

I’m on earlies this week!

Monday I came in after only having two hours of sleep and being scared by a milk float which came down the road at 3:20am! I picked up a load of tickets and started work on the most urgent ones, namely a ticket to insert some cards into a v480, reattaching some storage to the network, and battling with the 25K to net boot.

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Exciting times

Well, I’m setting into my new hosting well, I’ve been playing with the Wordpress plugins over the last few days and I’m pretty happy with the results.

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Sun - Week Fifty

Summarising events this week:

Monday I got back into work and spent some more time on the KVM that wasn’t playing ball, it still isn’t now :(

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Sun – Week Forty-nine

Well, the weekend didn’t go well…The console server didn’t get upgraded as a package caused errors in the new BE…That was most of Saturday wasted…

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Sun – Week Forty-eight

Monday begins after a sleepless night, it’s so bloody warm here…I spent the morning looking at our console server, remember I was going to upgrade it? After all the preliminary work I was really afraid to touch the real thing for fear of breaking it…Well I fixed a couple of problems with it and went ahead, re-labelling disks and creating volumes and mirrors using SVM. In the afternoon I looked at it a bit more and kicked off the copying of the boot environment (BE).

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OpenSolaris 2009.06 Released

It’s finally here! OpenSolaris 2009.06 has been released!

Head over to to download the new iso, or run `pfexec pkg image-update` (no quotes) as the user you created when you installed your machine to upgrade your current installation.

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Sun – Week Forty-seven

This week felt really long…And I don’t really recall everything which happened, so like last week, I’ll summarise.

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Sun – Week Forty-six

This week was another short one :D I’ll just add highlights for this week.

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Sun – Week Forty-five

Monday starts at 5:30 for me, and after getting in from Aber at 12:30, I wasn’t feeling too sharp… I’m in early all this week so we can support early workers and people in Europe who are an hour ahead of us. Today was spent doing some tickets, I had a couple about people not being able to install machines. I also had a short meeting with Simon from Aber about the report…

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