Goodbye Twitter

There has been a lot written already about how Elon Musk bid to buy Twitter, tried to back out, then was forced to go through with the purchase, and even more written about what happened next.
The Verge has a pretty good timeline of events.

Back in November lots of people started looking elsewhere, and I was no exception. I saw someone I followed create an account on the Hachyderm Mastodon server and decided to do the same.

Since November I’ve found that I stopped using Twitter altogether, and in January this was made more concrete as Twitter banned third-party clients like Tweetbot which I have used since late 2011.
Not wanting an algorithmic timeline, or wanting to be associated with the way Twitter is going, I am basically not using Twitter anymore.

I’m very happy that Tapbots, the company behind Tweetbot, have created a very familiar experience for Mastodon with their new app called Ivory.

Twitter has been the main bulk of my social media consumption and contribution over the past decade. I’ve found new friends, and re-found old friends.
When we set up The Infinite Escape Room podcast, a Twitter account was set up pretty quickly afterwards, and it was one of the most effective channels of communication.

Mastodon is now my default social media home, I’m slowly following more and more folk there, and getting a few followers in return.
Most of the places where I can list social links not contain a link to Mastodon rather than Twitter

Mastodon seems to, generally, have a nicer community around it. If you’re looking to get started, Glenn Fleishman has a great article here.