Back in the office

Back on the 13th March 2020 work told us:

…if the impact on your work is low and manageable, you should work from home.

Although the office was open to those that needed to go in, we were being encourage to work from home. This image was taken for one of our Town hall meetings celebrating how well we’d all transitioned in the early days - and I note that it’s been used in a few since too!

Work have been really good over the past 17 months:

Gifts for doing so well at working from home

Various gifts were sent to use across the first year congratulating us on doing so well, to keep going, and that the company was thinking of us. Speaking to friends at the time this wasn’t happening to the same extent everywhere, so it was nice to know that Backbase were going the extra mile.

Now we’re being gently encouraged to come back into the office now that restrictions have eased.

We’ve recently bought a house and it’s too far to cycle to the office anymore, and while there is a train station nearby the trains don’t run regularly enough in the morning - plus paying £5+ a day doesn’t seem appealing!

But today I went into the office, to show my face and appease those asking me to go in.

It was a colossal waste of time. The entire day was spent talking with colleagues about stuff that was at most only remotely work related, it was so hard to just sit down and Get Stuff Done.
I was annoyed for going, because I have stuff to do and couldn’t get on with it. Not only that, but due to not being at home I had to take our dog to daycare, and a trip into Newport and then Cardiff was rather hellish.

I’m ranting, this is all that this is. I hope to come back in the future and put something more sensible on this blog.