WWDC 2012

Late as always, Apple’s 23rd WWDC kicked off almost a month ago after selling out in just 1h43m!  This years event kicked off with Siri warming up the crown and GarageBand on an iPad  playing a sting after each joke. Apple touted some interesting facts about the App Store

** MacBook Air**

Keeping the same design as the last generation, the new Air gets updated CPU, RAM and graphics, better IO to the SSD, and USB 3.

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It should be noted that whereas some manufactures are installing separate USB2 and USB3 ports, Apple has integrated the two into one physical port.

MacBook Pro

****The ‘Pro has similar updates as the Air.

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The New MacBook Pro

The New MacBook Pro shows us the direction that Apple are going to take with its products.  It’s just as much about what is has as what it hasn’t… Dubbed The MacBook Pro with Retina Display, this beauty has a 2880x1800 display, at normal viewing distances the naked eye cannot distinguish one pixel from another.

This ‘Pro doesn’t have an optical drive, or a spinning hard drive.  It has soldered RAM modules.  There isn’t a FireWire or Ethernet port… Its biggest asset is the Retina display, but it also boasts a new thinner design, just a little thicker than the Air.  It has a newly designed thermal system too, bringing air through gills in the side of the laptop using asymmetrical finned fans to reduce perceived noise levels.

The Retina display packs a whopping 5,184,000 pixels onto the 15.4" screen.  It has more pixels than an HD TV.  There are so many pixels that the preview window in Final Cut Pro displays HD video!

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OS X Mountain Lion

Apple also announced Mountain Lion, the eighth major release of OS X.  The company was quick to note that in nine months 40% of OS X users are currently running OS X Lion, Windows 7 has achieved the same percentage in 26 months.  They also announced 66m OS X users, triple that of five years ago!

Mountain Lion is packed with over 200 new features of which Apple demoed eight.

iOS 6

Apple’s last announcement was iOS 6.  iOS is currently running on over 365m devices, and 80% of those devices are running the latest release (iOS 5).  Apple took a jibe at Android where is noted that only around 7% of its install base is running the latest version.  Apple also gave us a quick insight into some push notification stats, on average Apple pushes 7b notifications a day! And by WWDC had pushed over 1.5 trillion notifications to iOS devices!

Packed with over 200 new features, Apple demoed just a few.

And many APIs for developers to get their hands on. iOS 6 will be available on the iPhone 3GS and higher, the iPad 2 and higher, and the fourth generation iPod Touch.

That summed up WWDC 2012.  Time Cook came to the stage to wish everyone a great week and closed the keynote.

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