Goodbye, Steve

I sat down at my computer this morning before work, I glanced at my tweets, then at my RSS, I realised what had happened.

Yesterday the world lost a great man, Steve Jobs.

I know that this will be plastered all over the Internet, I know that newspapers already have obituaries written, but I wanted to pay my respects to this great man.

Steve’s keynote speeches were always brilliant, it was these speeches that made me so enthusiastic about Apple products. I love reading about what he had done in the early days of Apple, watching old videos, etc. I love how the company grew and how he drove it forward.

I will miss that we will no longer have the chance of seeing him at Apple events, on stage or in the crowd. There will be no more reports of his one word responses to the pleads of customers/developers.

My thoughts go to his family, both at home and at Apple. Goodbye, Steve.