Mac App Store

I love the Mac App Store. Opening back in January, all Mac users running OS X 10.6.6 or higher have had the chance to play with the store.

I’ve bought a fair amount from the Store, including:

The two Broken Sword games were an excellent find, I recall playing these two games around ten years ago and it’s been great replaying these games, virtually unchanged.

One thing I love and hate about the App Store is the centralised updating system. I love it because I can update all outdated apps at once. I hate it because rather than looking for the updated parts of the app, it just replaces the whole app with a new copy, this is fine until you update XCode, and suddenly you’ve got to download 4GB again!

There have been musings about Apple using the App Store to update OS X. Buy the new OS on the store and have it update your system. For me, this has two drawbacks: Firstly, I don’t really want to download a whole OS to update my system, but currently the Store doesn’t do “only update the out of date bits”. Secondly, I like to backup my data and start from scratch, this means I don’t get any previous OS bits lying around…

Overall, I do like the App Store, it’s a great and convenient way of finding apps and keeping them up to date.