iOS VLC fails after all :(

Back in November a mobile version of VLC was released for the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch.  Many people cheered as the open source media player graced their iOS device.  Though some people didn’t…

Rémi Denis-Courmont, one of the original contributors to the VLC project, objected to a GPL’d project being available on the Apple App Store and what restrictions Apple forced upon it. On 9th January Rémi posted on his blog “On January 7th, I was told by an Apple attorney that VLC media player had been removed from the App Store. That is how I was able to break the news first. However as can be expected from an attorney, there was not really any explanation.” Applidium, the iOS VLC developers, received a letter from Apple stating that they were sorry the dispute couldn’t be resolved, see Rémi for details…

So there we have it, the VLC has gone from the App Store…It has yet to be deleted from my iPhone, but I can be sure there will be no updates in the future.

Another triumph for the consumer friendly GPL!

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