Alarm Clock Bug in iOS 4.1

This week I am working the early shift at work. I must be in Machynlleth by 5am meaning that I’ve got to get up at 3:30am and leave by 4:30am. However, today when my 3:30 alarm went off, it was actually 4:30…

This bug has already been seen in Australia and revolves around moving out of, or into, Summer Time. Strangely, one off alarms seem to be OK, it’s those recurring alarms - you know, the ones you might set to repeat every weekday to get you up for work - that will trigger this bug.

Here’s some screen shots, I set this alarm at about 4:50 this morning and wanted it to go off every weekday at 5am, needless to say it went off at 6am:

alt text alt text

So, tomorrow my alarm will be set for 2:30am, and will be set for an hour early until an update appears!