alt text Ever wanted to store stuff online but couldn’t afford web hosting?  If so, Dropbox is your answer!

Dropbox offers both free and paid for storage online, the free storage has a limit of 2GB, whereas paid storage has a limits of 50GB and 100GB depending on how much you want to pay.

If you use the free option, you’ll start off with so much storage, and if you invite friends to join the service, Dropbox will add more storage to your account!

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Dropbox also integrates really nicely with Mac OS X, Linux and Windows, it feels just like another folder on your computer.  Drag and drop stuff into the folder (or cp/mv on the command line ;) ) and Dropbox will sync it to it’s online servers.  If you go to another computer that you’ve installed Dropbox onto, it’ll download any new content!  They also have a nice web interface in case you don’t have permission to install the software on your computer.  Lastly, Dropbox allows you to share files with other Dropbox users, which is really quite handy!

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