Making a script run on startup on OpenSolaris

While working on my dissertation, I found that virtual NICs and etherstubs don’t automatically reappear on a restart.  So, I have a nice little script to make them come back: #!/bin/bash /sbin/dladm up-aggr /sbin/dladm up-vlan /sbin/dladm up-vnic /sbin/dladm init-linkprop -w I need this to run on startup.

Now, as of Solaris 10, things like this should really be done in SMF.  We can easily create a new service using the following template (modify as you require :) ) :



Now, you put that into: /var/svc/manifest/site It should be named something like “my_script.xml” where “my_script” is a descriptive name of your script to run. On the command line, as root or using `pfexec` run the following commands: cd /var/svc/manifest/site svccfg validate my_script.xml svccfg import my_script.xml svcadm enable my_script Now if you restart, your script will execute! Thanks to the wonderful people at the discussion boards for their help!

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