Goodbye George Ward Event – 2010-07-03

The George Ward School Association are attempting to organise a ‘Goodbye George Ward’ Event The date has been set for Saturday 3rd July, from 10am – 5pm with a Celebration Ball in the evening from 7.30-11.30pm. (Tickets to be sold to public nearer the event)

During the day we hope to have various areas of the school set aside for each of the decades the school has been opened, with music and school related pictures and memories from that era, and if possible, staff! We are hoping that as many ex staff, pupils and Governors can be persuaded to attend as possible, and hopefully be up for a photo shoot too! We are looking to reopen the ’tuck shop’ for a one off session, as well and opening the Sports Hall for a soft play/bouncy play and GW sporting hero’s area, we may even have a chance to open the school canteen for a small taste of a ’last George Ward School dinner’! The event will finish with a final assembly at 4pm where we hope a few speeches from various headmasters/dignitaries may occur.

There are lots of other ideas for the day still being finalised to make this a fab ‘goodbye’ but we will need your help with getting this publicised and was wondering if you could advertise this for us in your media? We need to get in contact with anyone who has any photos, memorabilia or just wants to write into us with their old school memories, which could be displayed on the day in the various areas, all would be gratefully accepted.

Please forward any correspondence to the school at George Ward School, Melksham, Wiltshire, SN12 8DQ or via email to or check out our school website at where we will have up to date notices as plans progress along with a direct link for any comments and memories to be sent in.

Your help in contacting any ex staff or pupils would be invaluable.

Thank you Liz Dimond GWSA George Ward School, Melksham Wiltshire