Homemade Hot Chocolate

I know, I know, making hot chocolate isn’t geeky, but I’ve been wanting to try it for ages.  I bought some 200g Bournville bars to try out a recipe.  I basically made the recipe up, though looking at the internet now, it seems that it’s similar to others.

Ingredients include: 8 blocks of Bournville chocolate 1 teaspoon of sugar Mug of milk (I used semi-skimmed) Pinch of allspice

I measured a mug of milk (as much as I wanted), and transferred the milk into a saucepan.  Putting the hob on high I popped on the saucepan.  While stirring with a whisk I added a few pinches of allspice (as I didn’t have cinnamon or mixed spice) and a teaspoon of sugar. When the milk started to steam I added four blocks of chocolates (I broke them up before adding them) and started to stir vigorously with the whisk, when they had melted I added another four block of chocolate.  Having done it, I think next time I might grate the eight blocks to save a little time. When the chocolate had melted I continued to whisk until the milk was bubbly then poured into my mug again.  If I had had it, a squiring of cream would have been a very nice addition!

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