RSS & Google Reader

Yes, it would appear I’m becoming a little more Web 2.0 compliant…I now use RSS and Google Reader. For years I couldn’t understand why you would want RSS, I had bookmarks and could click on them and look at the site myself, but there’s something about having everything in one place which is very nice.

I tested it all out by subscribing to The Register and several BBC News sites (Science and Nature, Technology and Also in the News), after a week or so I was happily checking up every few hours, to see what had changed. It’s not perfect, articles from the BBC appear multiple times if they are published into multiple categories, and often not at the same time, so I have read the same article several times. But even that is a small price for the convenience of being able to skip the tosh and easily skip through everything. Thanks to James for pointing out (a long time ago) that Google Reader uses Vi key bindings to scroll up and down, somehow it does seem a lot easier.

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