Sun - Week Fifty-two

After a long and hectic weekend, Monday arrived. This Monday is special, because it is my last day working at Sun Microsystems :(

I woke up early and left the house at 7:30, walked to Tesco and bought some Krispy Kreme donuts :D I waited for the bus, hopping on at Blackwater station, I met Ali at Camberley as he jumped on the bus.

I had packed my badge away over the weekend by accident, so I had to go to reception and pick up a general badge. The detour didn’t bother me too much, it meant I could go to goods-in and give them a box of chocolates, thanking them for handling personal mail over the course of the year.

After this, the day started, it was a slow morning, working to get tickets done, having a laugh with various people, etc. Liam had started back today, it was good to see him back, I’d missed him on the couple of occasions he’d visited. We went across to the mean hall behind the Crown and Cushion (almost opposite work) for lunch which was nice. After that we got back to have the usual Monday afternoon meeting, good byes were said, and I told everyone about things I needed to get done. After the meeting we gathered and Paul gave me a card which everyone had signed, people asked me what I was up to for the summer and what I was planning to do for my final year project, and also thanked me for the donuts :P The afternoon passed quickly after that, I swapped a system board, but that didn’t fix my problem :( Lastly, I transferred my last three tickets back to the main queue for others to finish off.

Monday evening, after a little more packing and cleaning, I went down to the town for a last few drinks with everyone.

A sad day leaving Sun, it’s been a great year, I’ve met some great people and have learnt so much from them all. If anyone wants to know what an industrial year should be like, read this blog, look at what Sun gives you and what you have to put in, I think my year was th definition of the industrial year (though I guess everyone else will feel the same about their years too :P )

The rest of the week has been sorting through stuff back home. New job next week…