Sun - Week Fifty-one

I’m on earlies this week!

Monday I came in after only having two hours of sleep and being scared by a milk float which came down the road at 3:20am! I picked up a load of tickets and started work on the most urgent ones, namely a ticket to insert some cards into a v480, reattaching some storage to the network, and battling with the 25K to net boot.

Tuesday I woke up very late, ten minutes before the bus was due to leave in fact! Not a very good week I don’t think! I carried on with work from Monday mainly. It was also Tom’s last day…He is off to Peru for the summer, so we had donuts and biscuits and the like to wish him farewell…

Wednesday was odd, no Tom, David had some time off, and Ali was on his course. It was quiet first thing, but when people started to trickle in I started doing some ticket work in the lab. I had a look at a few machines which weren’t behaving and got some other work done.

Thursday was much the same as Wednesday, trying to work down my ticket queue, nothing really interesting.

Friday was much the same again, I did battle with a KVM box, but after finding a transistor or something had broken off, it seemed a moot point…I also had a look at a v445 which had some disks in, I wanted to play with upgrading a mirrored zpool with bugger disks, I found out how, and asked on discuss too :P