Sun – Week Forty-eight

Monday begins after a sleepless night, it’s so bloody warm here…I spent the morning looking at our console server, remember I was going to upgrade it? After all the preliminary work I was really afraid to touch the real thing for fear of breaking it…Well I fixed a couple of problems with it and went ahead, re-labelling disks and creating volumes and mirrors using SVM. In the afternoon I looked at it a bit more and kicked off the copying of the boot environment (BE).

Tuesday I got in a looked at the console server, my ssh session had dropped…The new BE is currently in a bad state, so I can’t delete it, or overwrite it…I’ll need to see what I can do about that… We also moved a load of stuff out of the overflow lab, and into the bin/cupboard/main lab…It was all because we were moving the SL700 to the end of the lab. I spent the afternoon cursing the warm weather and cleaning up the mess I made on the console server…

Wednesday was slow moving, warm are irritable.

Thursday I inserted a SCSI card into an ultra 20 among other bits and bobs.

Friday was spent turning off all the machines in the lab as electrical work was taking place over the weekend. Seeing as the work was going on, the weekend was an opportune time to work on the console server without interrupting anyone.