Sun – Week Forty-seven

This week felt really long…And I don’t really recall everything which happened, so like last week, I’ll summarise.

Monday was a bank holiday, which was very lucky for me seeing as I missed my train back from Aber!

Tuesday I was back in the office and working on my booking script a bit more.

Wednesday was mainly spent looking at a problem with the 15k in the lab, it wasn’t playing nice with the console connection. After some troubleshooting and a cable replacement, we were fine to go.

Thursday I started work with some broken KVM’s. All of the x86 desktops don’t come with a serial line, this makes them very difficult to manage, so we attach network KVM’s for engineers to use (so they can see BIOS and a GUI if needed). Several have broken so I spent the day getting them working, didn’t quite get them all done…

Friday I finished up another two KVM’s and looked at what the weekend was going to bring me, I was hoping to have a play with LDAP at home, and maybe the Sun Ray server software…