Oracle buys Sun Microsystems

Well, the news hit the two company sites at around 12:30 BST by my reckoning. and both revealed the news at around the same time here are some screen grabs of the sites on the day:

alt text alt text

I think this is a much better acquisition than what IBM offered, personally, I think IBM were looking to buy up competition, Oracle have a number of reasons to buy Sun as I see it:

We’ll have to wait and see what happens, but it’s going to be an odd couple of months these last two working for Sun/Oracle. I’m glad this has happened while I was on an industrial year, I’ve gained the experience of a potential take-over and that of a take-over with little risks attached for me, far more than I can say if it happens in a couple of years time when I potentially have mouths to feed and a mortgage to pay!

My weekly blog will continue, due Friday, I will expand on the other events of today and probably link to this article…