Sun - Week Thirty Seven

This week was brilliant! I was on a training course: Solaris Internals. It was great for two reasons, firstly because I missed the French lab moving over to our lab (although now I wish I had been there), and secondly, I was the only person on the course! I had an instructor all to myself, again great, but I had to make sure I paid attention as I was the only person to answer questions :P

The course focused on kernel structure, we did a lot of stuff about memory and virtual memory and tracing it through the kernel using the modular debugger (mdb). We also looked at file systems, including a small amount on ZFS, though it was old material as the course had been written before source code was released as part of the OpenSolaris project.

All in all, it was a great week, and made even better by Faye coming down on Wednesday evening and spending the week with me :D