Sun - Week Thirty-four

Monday was a pretty normal Monday. I finished off that ticket about putting fibre cards into machines, and fixed a few problems that we had with it.

The afternoon was spent troubleshooting a SunBlade 2000, it wasn’t booting and the CPU was suspect. I had already done some work on this last week, but I think I failed to mention it. By the end of the day I had another SunBlade 2000 on the bench with me and was swapping CPU’s and DIMMs to see what was up, I ended up getting new errors…At the end of the day, I found some of the pins were bent :( These were giving the new errors, though seemed related to the previous ones.

The rest of the week was spent learning and writing SQL. I have been assigned a project to write this script which will look for bookings in the database which are over a certain duration. I will then email the owner of the booking that they still have this machine and if they are not using it, please unbook it.

I did also get a new system board the for SunBlade 2000, I have replaced it, but the pins on the CPU module are also damaged, so I will have to see if I can fix them, or if I’ll need to order new CPU’s…