My new IBM Thinkpad X32 and wireless

Today I took delivery of the four year old IBM Thinkpad X32. With it’s 1.8GHz Pentium M, 1GB of RAM and it’s “massive” 40GB HDD ;) I thought it was an excellent machine to use as a portable OpenSolaris machine.I used the USB stick I had prepared last night to boot the live image and do the install, within the first hour James had messed with the driver file and stopped the machine from booting *sigh*. A reinstall later and I was up and running OpenSolaris 2008.11!

At home everything was still running smoothly, the battery had lasted the travel from work (it doesn’t suspend yet…) . My only problem was that it didn’t like the WPA2-psk wireless in the house. I had two choices:

  1. Screw every computer in the house over and change to WEP.
  2. Look for a work around.

I opted for 2. My work around was very simple actually. Build 105 fixes the compatibility with WPA2, so I added the developers repository to my authority list and live upgraded the machine to build 105.

Now I can happily lye in bed, with my X32, and write this blog entry!

Build 105 seems fairly stable so far…Not that I’ve tried doing much yet. Will report findings as I go along :P