Sun - Week Twenty-five

I had this week off :D
I spent the week with Faye in Carmarthen.

Monday was spent being taken to Cardiff and being picked up.
Tuesday we walked around Carmarthen and didn’t do much
Wednesday we went to see Aled at his house! We went to the town where he works, got a Subway and then headed back. Was good to see Aled :D Aled lives in an awesome place, because it’s called Eglwyswrw!
Thursday was Christmas :D I got some lovely presents from Faye and her family, including some cuff links and a cuff link box, desktop Henry hoover and a badger bristle brush with shaving cream!
Friday we went to Faye grandparents to meet some of the family and having a buffet :D
The weekend was spent travelling back to Melksham and getting more presents :D These included chocolate, new PJ’s,books and other wonderful things
Sunday was spent around the house and travelling back to Camberley.