Sun - Week Twenty-four

Monday starts with Ali upgrading a Sun Ray server. This unexpectedly bring down the other Nevada servers :( We had a short outage and then we were up and running again. The morning consisted of a little more testing on my test Sun Ray server, then I contacted an engineer who might be able to help us.

In the afternoon we had the usual staff meeting and I got down to looking at some of the things on my list.

Tuesday morning started with a meeting with APAC (Australia and Singapore) about our lab tools. The afternoon had me looking at the disk layouts of our console server, I managed to draw up diagrams with slices depicting where different parts of mirrors were.

Wednesday morning I started off by setting up an OpenOffice spreadsheet to calculate space taken up on each slice of a disk, then give you a pretty pie chart to represent this. The rest of the morning was a bit of a blur. In the afternoon we had a student from Aberystwyth come in for an interview. I gave him a lab tour which took ages as he asked loads of questions. Paul and David asked me about him and we’ll see what happens from there I guess.

Thursday morning I walked in, got in for just before 9am and started work on enotty, our console server that I’m upgrading. I also started on some tickets, one of which just involved regigging a network cable and hooking a second port up to the lab network.

Friday I had a half day. Dad came to pick me up at lunch time and I went home for the weekend.