Sun - Week Twenty-two

The weekend was great. We went to Machynlleth on Saturday and had a pub lunch *word of warning: don’t have a heavy ale as your first beverage of the day…* We met up with Mike, Ben and Lauren in the evening and went down to the fair.

Sunday came and Aled came up to see us all and we went to Weatherspoons for dinner :D Monday was spent spending more time with Faye before I had to catch the train home :(

Tuesday was spent catching up with what I had missed. This included some stuff that Tom and Steve had been working on to get the memory configuration of various machines.

Wednesday I got down in the lab to work out why an LX50 wasn’t net booting. An excellent challenge to put what James had told me to the test…

Thursday I mainly carried on with various tickets, I picked one up asking for a new image to be created for jumpstart, and also closed a ticket and deleted an old image that was no longer needed.

Friday came and couldn’t have come sooner! I spent most of the day wishing for the weekend to come quicker, while looking after some tickets.