Sun - Week Twenty-one

Monday morning started with us meeting several of our overseas friends. Anthony from Singapore, Micheal from Germany and Tim from America. And we had a TOI about SCSI given by James MacFarlane.

Tuesday me and Michael set up some new boxes, and did some other menial tasks.

Wednesday was a good day. We interviewed a student from Aber about next year, he was quite good and has been asked back for a face to face interview. In the afternoon I gave blood and my arm hasn’t felt quite the same since… We went out for a meal in the evening, and a couple of pints later I had become quite chatty….

Thursday James Legg gave a TOI on installing Solaris over the network, and just really went over some of the pitfalls of doing so. We also had another interview in the afternoon.

Friday was a short day, I was attending a TOI on SMF, and I was gutted that I missed the afternoon, but it was worth it. I left work early to catch the train to Aber to see Faye.