Nifty keyboard shortcuts on SunRay's

At work, our department has it’s own SunRay servers. I am currently running on a V890 server running build 101a of Nevada and running the SRSS 4.1 (SunRay Server Software (I think)).

I was trying to switch tabs in Firefox, in Camino I can use command+alt+arrow to switch tabs, under Safari I can use command+shift+arrow. Under Firefox, I can use…Well, I’ve got no idea what I can use…So I set out to find a way!

I figured there was two ways about going about this. Either I use the trusty Google, to search the net for people who have the answer, or I press buttons until it works…I decided to press buttons. The first couple of key combo’s did nothing… Then I found that control+alt+arrow brought up a small workspace changer in the middle of the screen and allowed me to see the workspace name, an outline of all the windows in the workspace, and allowed to me switch between them with a press of a button. After this, I tried using control+shift+alt+arrow, this did the same as before, except it didn’t bring up the graphic. Interestingly, it took the currently selected window, and moved that as I switched workspaces…Kinda handy I suppose…