Sun - Week Seventeen & week with Faye

I only spent one and a half days in work this week! Monday was spent doing some work, while Tuesday morning was spent tying up loose ends and passing other people ongoing work.

I then travelled up to Aberystwyth. I was delayed in getting to Wolverhampton by 20 minutes, so missed the train to Aber. A two hour wait sitting by a vending machine so I could charge my phone and I was back on the train, arriving in Aber for about 11:40pm. I met Mike and we went off to Downies where I met up with Faye, Ben and Lauren.

Wednesday marked one year for me and Faye, we didn’t do a great deal, we went to Morrisons for ice cream (Ben & Jerries only £1.80), and in the evening we went to the tapas restaurant just up the road from Downies. It’s a lovely place, and the food is great. We had some tapas (cured ham, chicken salad, meatballs, beef croquet’s and warm vegetables), and the some paella.

Thursday was spent doing not a lot, we rearranged Faye’s room, and went up to Mike’s in the evening to for TV, pizza and drinks :D Oh, and I did part of the CS101 lecture :D I’ve blogged about it here: clicky

Friday we ran around looking for Halloween gear, then rushed up to Mike’s in the evening to get ready. We then spent the evening at Rocky Horror at the union (Facebook photos are up I’m sorry to say).

Saturday was a quiet day. We walked up the hill to get Faye’s car, well, we had to clean it first as someone had egged and floured it :( After that the day was spent relaxing.

Sunday was, again, not spent doing a tonne.

Monday me and Faye spent the day together, wandering out into town and having a womble around Aber. I left Aber at 5:30, only to get back to my Camberley house at 12:30.

It was a great week, I loved spending all that time with Faye :)