Sun - Week Eleven

After a wonderful weekend with Faye, Monday started off with getting up early for a call with the APAC guys (Singapore and Australia), we were talking about new development life cycles - something that bores me at the best of times, and today was no exception. We do need to re-evaluate the way we fix bugs and release new versions of our lab tools though. The rest of Monday was fairly quiet, with a second meeting in the afternoon.

Tuesday was much the same as Monday…We have a work experience lad in this week, so I took him down to the lab and tidied away loads of hard drives and PCI cards. After lunch we finished off what we hadn’t done and I took him around and showed him the insides of a range of servers we had. He seemed pretty interested, I just hope I didn’t melt his brain :?

Wednesday I finally finished off the new starters document! I’ve been working on and off on it for weeks! I finally printed it out and scanned through it, then James looked through it and pointed out one or two mistakes which I fixed. Late morning and the afternoon was filled with the moving of hard drives. We are getting rid of the present shelves and replacing them with new ones, hard drives are blinking heavy!!! And there was more than a few there!

Thursday morning went slowly, with an action on a ticket requiring me to order a new Remote Service Controller. In the afternoon I had a meeting with Paul, James and Hans to talk about a 12K in Florida. I then logged on and started to investigate how it was configured.

Friday was spent on a couple of things, mainly trying to figure out what was what with this 12K still… Last thing I did was spend some time talking to a Yankie who was quite rude over the phone. He wanted to have some things pulled out of a server, like PSUs and Fans…