Sun - Week Eight

Now this week started off brilliantly, I mean who can argue with your boss telling you ‘it’s OK, take Monday off, and we’ll pay you!’ Of course, it was bank holiday Monday :wink:

Anyhoo, Tuesday started off with me clearing up some details in NIS+, some servers had gone but not been taken out and some things needed to be moved from one subnet to another. I still have a niggling problem with one v240, it’s SP still doesn’t respond to pings.. Tuesday afternoon saw the start of a new server being set up. I had to label up the box, evacuate disks and other devices inside the box, and then cable it up. Cabling the SP and the network wasn’t too bad, but there was no space left for the serial connection, too late in the day to be worrying about this, so off I went home.

Wednesday morning I started again on the server, after rejiggling the network, I fitted in a serial connection. Then I sorted out the owner to the machine, then it was off for configuration. This mainly went smoothly, until it came to the install. It would get so far then drop the serial connection. Using the ‘snoop’ command showed me that it was still installing, but I couldn’t see anything…After install, the serial was still blank :S

On Thursday I was asked to scan in new hard drives and PCI cards, this meant spending an hour or so battling with the scanner and finding out what barcodes meant what…I also sorted out my problem with the server and decided to give up on the problem with the v240, DW reckons it needs a new SP…After work we went to the pub to celebrate Robin and DW’s year at Sun, it is a shame to not see them again.

Friday we were on our own…Paul was on holiday, David Cole had just left for his…Just Steve, Tom, James, Liam and myself. I spent a lot of the day battling with an AMD system. But also helped a couple of people out with a few small problems.

After work, Mike came to see me :D We went to the all-you-can-eat Chinese at the end of Frimly road, then waddled home :P Saturday saw us waiting in for a plumber, and walking around town, we had lunch in Yates, a massive burger each and a free game of pool! For dinner, we trekked 3 miles to Farnborough along an A road, and eventually found ourselves a Pizza Hut :D Today, Sunday, Mike has gone back home…An early night and not too much to eat, me thinks…