Catch up...

So, if there is anyone out there who half regularly checks my blog, then you would have seen some retrospective posts going up :P And you would have also noticed that I have not written anything for almost two months! Well, I have been quite busy. After returning from Ireland, Faye and myself travelled back to Carmarthen and off to my home of Melksham. In Melksham I spent a couple of weeks jobless, but spent it well learning Objective-C and Cocoa, whilst Faye sewed sequins on clothes for £6 an hour… We went down to Camberley (Surrey) a couple of times to look for a house. We found a lovely house just outside town. A week or so went and I ran around like a headless chicken trying to sort things out, whilst trying to get my first Mac app complete.

After a couple of weeks in Melksham me and Faye travelled to Camberley to move into the house. We arrived on Tuesday 1st July, we spent the next couple of days setting things up, we spent loads at Tesco and went to Ikea for a few things. A good few hundred pounds later, the house was ready for the other house mates. Tom moved in on Thursday and Steve moved in on Saturday, we started work on the Monday. From here on in, everything written in my Sun blogs starts… The weekend after the first week I went back home while Faye went to Aberystwyth to photograph a friends wedding. At home I watched my brother’s band ‘Switchback’ play at the party in the park. Last weekend I spent a frustrating time in the local Asda, people seem to be so inconsiderate and ignorant, standing in the middle of isles, conversing with people leaving no space. The staff were rubbish too, how many 16 year olds does it take to refill the banana stand? About five it would seem :S

On Monday, Faye’s brother told her that she had an interview back home, so Tuesday evening she left for Carmarthen. The rest of the week has gone past, last night (Friday) I went to Tesco, out or boredom and the need of food. Today I have spent cleaning the house, the bathroom was a mess…The while toilet a shade of dark grey, yuk. I took all our recycling down to the recycling centre the chilled with three nice cool beers…

Now I shall leave you, thanks for wasting a few minutes of your life reading this blog!

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