Sun - Week Two

This last week I have been learning about Solaris administration (at an intermediate level ;) ). We first learnt about the directory structure, including things like /usr doesn’t stand for ‘user’ it’s ‘UNIX System Resources’ and how different root level folders were usually mounted via other partitions. We then looked into looking at disks and partitions/slices, followed by the UFS file system and how to mount/unmount partitions/slices. We looked into the Solaris OS too, about installation, package admin and patches, then moved onto OBP and GRUB. We also looked at administrating users and processes, finishing up with backing up systems and restoring them, it was the first time I had seen a data tape!

Whilst attending the course, Steve and myself decided it would be fun to take control of our colleague, Tom’s, computer, we messed around for a bit, then he decided to lock down and not grant root access to remote hosts :(