Down to Surrey

We left Aberystwyth today at 10:30, Tom, Steve and myself on the road to Surrey to work for Sun for a week. We stopped in Gloucester to drop off one of Tom’s mates, who’s parents had kindly made up soup for lunch, then we were off again! We had to be at our accommodation by 4:30, and we were told it could take three hours to get to Surrey from Gloucester, leaving at 2pm, we didn’t feel too confident.

We did, however, arrive with time to spare! The place where I’m staying is very nice. It’s called Tekels Park Guest House. I have a double bed in my room along with TV, basin and a KETTLE! Tea and coffee! And some shortbread! It’s amazing!

We went to somewhere which was almost like Weatherspoons, but it wasn’t. I had ‘Surf & Turf’, a.k.a. Scampi and steak. It was very nice and for that with pint, it cost less than a tenner :D

Just in the library at the moment, it’s the only part of the Guest House with the internet. So I thought: Check emails, check Facebook, look at blog!

I’m about to sign off and try out my double bed…I think I may get lost!