iPod Touch

Last Saturday (2nd February) I placed a bid on an iPod Touch on eBay, £199 plus £5 for p&p, bring the total to £204. This was a two month old Touch, 16GB capacity, along with charger (£20), protective film (£15) and four socks (~£20). The 16GB iPod Touch is £270 alone on the Apple Store (at time of buying).

The bid was won on Saturday, the iPod arrived on Tuesday. Everything stopped. I sat in the university library uploading my entire (only 6GB) of iTunes songs and the last five albums from iPhoto. Lecture time and I was still playing with it…

Throughout the week I have discovered more about it and changed my computing habits. I now don’t have smart playlists for artists on iTunes, I use the browse section, this stops me having to think about what goes on the iPod and selecting specific playlists. I have also updated my Address Book on the Mac to have pictures of 90% of it’s occupants. Little things starting to use iCal to record lectures, which has been a great help walking up Aberystwyth hill (Penglais) and forgetting what room I’m in, no longer will I need to take off my pack and get out my laptop, I just look at the Calendar application on the iPod! It checks my Mail, it plays music, shows me photos, surfs the net, keeps me on track of what I should be doing…It’s like a little PDA, although it does have reduced functionality.

The interface is very nice, a little cramped with the keyboard, but still very elegant. And it’s really easy to sync between the Mac and the iPod, then just double check it’s all on my phone and away I go! Next thing will be an iPhone in a few years, then I can reduce three items (Mac, iPod and phone) down to just the Mac and iPhone…

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