Coding week - Day 4

The morning started late with hardly anyone turning up on time. I spent the morning looking once again at some Postgres stuff, but gave up a little before noon.

This afternoon I looked at creating an ANT file. ANT is like a UNIX make file, except it uses XML with some basic commands. Once I had gotten to terms with what things did, it was really quite easy. I made a file that you could issue commands to from the command line to arrange the source files, clean the build directory, clean the source directory, compile all the source code or just the client or the server code. I even started to look at automating the creation of a jar file. With no arguments passed it, it would automatically clean the build files then compile everything. I got to version 1.3 in about two hours.

After looking at ANT (which I’ll need to edit sometime) I started to look over the other classes, checking that every method had javadoc comments and the file was formatted correctly, the formatting was easy though, Eclipse allowed me to pre-set how I wanted the code laid out and just did it for me :D

Looks like I’ve got a few more classes to do in the morning and that’ll be done. Hand in for 4, let’s hope it all goes smoothly :D