Coding week - Day 2

Ugh, off to another late start, rolled out of bed at 8:10am again…Just about to have some breakfast…Today’s blog may be more of a continually updated commentary of what’s going on…But who knows, eh?

08:41am - Already we have had a suggestion by a fellow team member that all the XML files should be translated into SQL and then form a database…This undermines everything we worked towards yesterday, but as long as it gets done we’ll get the marks I suppose…

13:12 - The morning has been somewhat of a waste of time again. I looked into the TV-Anytime API again, edited some things and found that although it was throwing errors, it was parsing everything nicely. After looking at it though, it would appear that it would be far simpler to convert the XML to SQL and host it on the department’s Oracle server.

16:10 - One of the team members has a perl script to translate the XML into SQL and we will be hosting it on a Postgres database, the upload is slow at the moment, but it is translating and streaming to the server, so hopefully it should be quicker in the end.

It looks like that’s about all that’ll get done today, I may have to look at Java with Postgres, but well leave that until a tad later…I still need to learn Python…