That January feeling

It’s a new year and time to get up and go after the Christmas break, however, for us students at Aber uni (as well as other students I’m sure), we look forward to a bunch of exams in stuff we can’t quite remember (perhaps we drank too much or ate too much turkey or something).

As I write this I’m one exam down with two to go. Yesterday I had Architecture, C and UNIX, not that there was much UNIX stuff in there…This exam centred around the Motorola 68HC11 microcontroller, it’s assembly language and the like, how CPU’s work, broadly, and a bunch of stuff on the C language. I am sitting here awaiting 9am when I’ll be heading up to campus to undergo my second exam: Hardware. This too is centred around the Motorola 68HC11, but it covers more hardware features such as the workings of flip-flops, memory address decoders and the like. I must admit, I’m really not looking forward to it.

Roll on Thursday! Last exam in the afternoon then I’m free for a whole week! Then I’ll be having coding week…