MacWorld Expo

Held between the 14th and the 18th of January, Apple today released two new exciting products and two enhancements to two of their already awesome product range.

alt text The first enhancement was a major software upgrade to the iPod touch. Some of the software includes: Mail, Maps, Stocks, Weather and Notes, as well as a couple of other upgrades! UK users can get the update through iTunes for £12.99 alt text

The next enhancement was another software update to the iPhone. The new update offers a new improved Maps software, the ability to text multiple people with one message and a few other updates. The update will be available to current users through iTunes for the grand price of £0.00!

alt text The next announcement was for the first new product: Time Capsule. This new piece of hardware is a wireless hard drive which you can use to wirelessly backup multiple Macs using Time Machine. The new bit of kit uses 802.11n and comes in two models: 500G, UK price: £199 1TB! UK price: £329

The final announcement was almost what we had been waiting for…It gave the answer to the question ‘What does Apple mean by these banners saying “There’s something in the air” ‘. The answer? The MacBook Air. The MBA is the world’s thinnest notebook, measuring a tiny 19mm! alt text This tiny laptop has a nice 13.3" LCD screen with back-lit keyboard, built in iSight and a MULTI-TOUCH trackpad for all those pinch, rotate and swipe gestures that the iPhone has! Running on purpose-built Intel C2D’s, with speeds of 1.6GHz and 1.8GHz. With the former speed you get a nice 80GB hard drive and with the latter a whopping 64GB of solid-state hard drive space! It also boasts the new 802.11n wireless technology! This machine has been built with the environment in mind, Apple has cut down on much of the packaging… I am very jealous of it’s multi-touch technology. However, it’s other specs I think are rather disappointing (given that I use my Mac as my main machine), as an ‘on the road’ machine it is pretty ace.

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