Beleg Iâ - Hardware

I decided I really wanted to build a server running OpenSolaris with ZFS.  My main idea is to use it as a file server.

So, for about a month now I was contemplating the hardware I should use.  After reading a few articals, which I have conveniently miss placed, I decided to opt for the following configuration:

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E7400.  Running at 2.8GHz, it uses Intel’s 45nm architecture. Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-G31M-S2L.  Micro-ATX board with a max of 4GB RAM (2x2GB), four SATA drives and very little else. RAM: Crucial 2GB DDR2 667MHz, not blindingly fast, but shouldn’t cause too many problems… Hard drive: Maxtor 500GB SATA2 running at 7200RPM with 32MB of cache PSU: Antec 380W, 80%+ efficiency.  Looking at a power calculator, I should be able to upgrade to the full four hard drives, max the RAM and still have some spare juice for a couple more fans Chassis: EV 4U rack mount beast!

The setup was composed for power efficiency, as well as being able to be upgradable later on.

Sun - Week Twentysix

Monday starts with me coming back to work after a weeks leave. I spent much of the day picking up what I had dropped when I left, there wasn’t much, but some bits needed to be done. I potched around in the lab doing some tidying and looked at my booked machines and tidied them out too.

Tuesday I realised that it was going to be slow. There’s nobody in work, the canteen is dead at lunch time! However, I did kick Ali’s ass at air-hockey, winning 3-2 :D

Wednesday I was scheduled to finally upgrade enotty, however, when it came to it, Paul demanded we all had a half day, so there wasn’t enough time :( In the evening we travelled up to Cardiff to celebrate new years.

Thursday and Friday we spent in Cardiff and the surrounding area.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year all!

I hope that everyone has a great 2009.  Fingers crossed that all goes well for all.

2008 has been a good year for me overall, though it hasn’t been without it’s low points.

So, to all, raise your glass for the new year!

OpenSolaris 2008.11 Out

OK, so it’s old new now, but just wanted to let you all know that it’s out! Direct link to the iso: What’s new link:

Sun - Week Twentyfive

I had this week off :D

I spent the week with Faye in Carmarthen. Monday was spent being taken to Cardiff and being picked up. Tuesday we walked around Carmarthen and didn’t do much Wednesday we went to see Aled at his house! We went to the town where he works, got a Subway and then headed back. Was good to see Aled :D Aled lives in an awesome place, because it’s called Eglwyswrw! Thursday was Christmas :D I got some lovely presents from Faye and her family, including some cuff links and a cuff link box, desktop Henry hoover and a badger bristle brush with shaving cream! Friday we went to Faye grandparents to meet some of the family and having a buffet :D The weekend was spent traveling back to Melksham and getting more presents :D These included chocolate, new PJ’s,books and other wonderful things Sunday was spent around the house and traveling back to Camberley.

Merry Christmas 2008

Merry Christmas to all!

I’m currently waiting for people to wake up so we can have presents etc… I can hear Faye’s family moving around, byt Faye is still fast asleep here…

I may check back with the day’s events, or I might not :P

Hope you all have/had a good one!

Ben & Faye

Sun - Week Twentyfour

Monday starts with Ali upgrading a Sun Ray server. This unexpectedly bring down the other Nevada servers :( We had a short outage and then we were up and running again. The morning consisted of a little more testing on my test Sun Ray server, then I contacted an engineer who might be able to help us. In the afternoon we had the usual staff meeting and I got down to looking at some of the things on my list.

Tuesday morning started with a meeting with APAC (Australia and Singapore) about our lab tools. The afternoon had me looking at the disk layouts of our console server, I managed to draw up diagrams with slices depicting where different parts of mirrors were.

Wednesday morning I started off by setting up an OpenOffice spreadsheet to calculate space taken up on each slice of a disk, then give you a pretty pie chart to represent this. The rest of the morning was a bit of a blur. In the afternoon we had a student from Aberystwyth come in for an interview. I gave him a lab tour which took ages as he asked loads of questions. Paul and David asked me about him and we’ll see what happens from there I guess.

Thursday morning I walked in, got in for just before 9am and started work on enotty, our console server that I’m upgrading. I also started on some tickets, one of which just involved regigging a network cable and hooking a second port up to the lab network.

Friday I had a half day. Dad came to pick me up at lunch time and I went home for the weekend.

Sun - Week Twentythree

Monday starts considerably well seeing as Paul is out this week. Tom is also on a course so we are two people down. I spent a large part of the morning over in GMP02 looking at some machines which were overheating. The A/C seems to have gone wrong over there and the machines are suffering. After I fixed some machines temporally I came back over to the office and it was almost lunch time. After lunch I went down to the lab to look at connecting up a couple of systems. It wasn’t especially complicated, but it took me a while as I needed to install some extra cards and whatnot.

Tuesday I picked up a ticket asking about boot netting an LX50 with Solaris 9. The problem isn’t one I’d seen before. But after getting past the first hurdle, we came across the wall. An error given by the installer claims that it can’t find valid media…I asked the guy to book a system in a different lab, and I’m now looking at getting my hands on a V20Z to test to see if they have the same error. I fixed a console connection too, I replaced all of the wiring, changed the ports on the etherlite, and the things that was faulty in the end was someone had used the wrong db9 connector…*sigh* Oh well, it works now!

Wednesday wasn’t particularly busy, with me fixing some tickets here and there.

Thursday saw me writing a script to take several input files and join them into a single file. This also made a calculation about how many entries were duplicated and how many times they were duplicated.

Friday saw me setting up a new test Sun Ray server. We are having a lot of problems with peoples XServer’s dieing. I managed to pin point the problem down to a single event. This will hopefully help someone in the know.

Sun - Week Twentytwo

The weekend was great. We went to Machynlleth on Saturday and had a pub lunch *word of warning: don’t have a heavy ale as your first beverage of the day…* We met up with Mike, Ben and Lauren in the evening and went down to the fair. Sunday came and Aled came up to see us all and we went to Weatherspoons for dinner :D Monday was spent spending more time with Faye before I had to catch the train home :(

Tuesday was spent catching up with what I had missed. This included some stuff that Tom and Steve had been working on to get the memory configuration of various machines.

Wednesday I got down in the lab to work out why an LX50 wasn’t net booting. An excellent challenge to put what James had told me to the test…

Thursday I mainly carried on with various tickets, I picked one up asking for a new image to be created for jumpstart, and also closed a ticket and deleted an old image that was no longer needed.

Friday came and couldn’t have come sooner! I spent most of the day wishing for the weekend to come quicker, while looking after some tickets.

Sun - Week Twentyone

Monday morning started with us meeting several of our oversea’s friends. Anthony from Singapore, Micheal from Germany and Tim from America. And we had a TOI about SCSI given by James MacFarlane.

Tuesday me and Michael set up some new boxes, and did some other menial tasks.

Wednesday was a good day. We interviewed a student from Aber about next year, he was quite good and has been asked back for a face to face interview. In the afternoon I gave blood and my arm hasn’t felt quite the same since… We went out for a meal in the evening, and a couple of pints later I had become quite chatty….

Thursday James Legg gave a TOI on installing Solaris over the network, and just really went over some of the pitfalls of doing so. We also had another interview in the afternoon.

Friday was a short day, I was attending a TOI on SMF, and I was gutted that I missed the afternoon, but it was worth it. I left work early to catch the train to Aber to see Faye.