3rd Party iCloud Apps?

At home I use an iMac.  When I’m away from my desk I use an iPhone 6.  At work, I’m forced to deal with Windows (though use Linux/BSD VMs where possible).

I have a lot of software on my Mac, a number of apps are “document based” though manage those document internally.  Some of these apps talk really nicely across many of the platforms I use (e.g. Evernote), other software works incredibly well within the Apple ecosystem (e.g. OmniFocus).   [Read more…]

Throw off the dust covers!

Well it’s been a long time since I’ve been here.  After a quick update it all looks very shiny again.  What happened to 2013!?  Mostly full of work, friends, and reading in the ruins of Aberystwyth castle.

Since the last post in 2012, I have moved from Aberystwyth to Frome in Somerset.  I no longer work with ERTMS, or indeed on the railway at all, for the last month and a half I have been an employee at Ntegra where I have been working with one of their clients to configure many virtual machines running Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

All of the ERTMS stuff seemed quite secret, and so bespoke at the moment that few people would find the ins and outs interesting.  Now I’m back working with computers, I hope to post here more – mainly with things I’ve learnt so I have an easy place to come back to, but hopefully others will find such information useful.

Has the transition to Intel gone “seamlessly”?

At WWDC 2006, Steve Jobs said the following about porting OS X to the Intel architecture

“Porting an operating system to an entirely different processer architecture is no easy task and our software team did a magnificent job of taking this on the PowerPC and turning it into this on Intel architecture.  So they made it look really easy and it’s gone seamlessly which has enabled this amazing transition to occur in 210 days, but under the hood and you all know, this was 86,000,000 lines of source code that was ported to run on an entirely different  architecture with zero hiccups.” [Read more…]